Criminal Trial from S. P. Tyagi


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Product Description

Criminal Trial from S. P. Tyagi 5th Edition

The unique compendious book on Criminal Trial is a comprehensive, analytical, philosophical, sociological study to Criminal Law including Criminologist aspect is a book of daily se.

Justice is always above the law yet it has to be in accordance with law. The author has attempted to provide entire law relating to Criminal trial in this book. Further this edition has been eniched by incorporating thousands of latest cases of the Supreme Court and the High Courts of India and it would not be wrong if I say that this book is a treasure of wisdom. I speak from the core of my heart and soul that the extent the author respected mr. S.P. Tyagi has worked hard on each classic that he wrote, coming generations would always remember him with respect and regards, the truth his name would remain alive till the existence of the universe.

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